How we boosted ROI 600% by sounding like locals in thousands of markets

ClickMechanic is an online network of independent mobile mechanics. They are entering an industry filled with lots of small, locally-focused competitors. The challenge for ClickMechanic comes from the fact that each of these competitors knows their local market really well. Even without much knowledge of paid search strategy, even if quite bad at paid search, the local garage in Romford is going to leverage their local knowledge into really good ads that speak to Romforders.

How do you beat thousands of individual competitors, each of which has home field advantage? This is the plot of You’ve Got Mail, and it’s also the challenge that we faced with ClickMechanic. We developed a tailored approach that took an account that was performing well and, within three weeks, brought their CPA down significantly while increasing the number of new customers being acquired by 100%, and boosting their return on investment by 600%.

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Here’s how we did it

ClickMechanic’s account was one of the best we’ve ever taken over, but they had reached a point where they couldn’t grow it anymore because they were being held back by an account structure and an approach that meant that they could only grow by investing significant time and resources. The Segmatic methodology, through our platform, lets us scale up massively while maintaining the control you usually only get with small accounts. To go from good to great, they needed better account structure and the right technology to manage this growth in a way that wasn’t a drain on their resources.

We did three things in the first three weeks:

  1. Analysed their account, (try out our Account Analyser!)
  2. Introduced a uniform, scalable, granular account structure
  3. Scaled up dramatically.

Scaling up dramatically in a matter of weeks, while delivering incredible results

By the end of that third week we had taken ClickMechanic from 100 locations to 5000, from 10 car models to 400, and we were on 350,000 keyword and ad combinations.

We needed that sort of scale because we were basically running several thousand highly localised campaigns, in competition with highly localised competition. The mechanic in Romford was on +Romford+mechanic, and their ad copy was focused on Romford, so we built a campaign down to that very local level. For this, we used The Big List of British Towns (which is built into our platform), and the platform itself, which allowed us to establish, manage and grow local, individual campaigns at scale.

The Segmatic approach made this possible

These results could only have been achieved with the Segmatic approach to paid search. The speed and granularity of our methodology meant that ClickMechanic could do really detailed analysis and tweaking without a big investment of staff time. This fundamentally changed the calculus for important decisions. For example, when we took over the ClickMechanic account is was a little messy. They were live on product terms like ‘mechanic’ and ‘garage’, but they were on ‘mechanic’ in 100 locations and ‘garage’ in 50 of those, and they were only on ‘mechanic’, ‘garage’ and ‘mobile’ in 15 locations. They weren’t rolling out consistently, and their limited account structure was holding them back from implementing their good ideas.

Our approach let us easily cross-combine all Product Lists with all Modifier Lists for all geographical areas.

Our unique account structure made future growth easy to manage

Our account structure makes it incredibly easy to add an extra keyword, and each new keyword gets automatically cross-combined with all lists. Before they met us, ClickMechanic might have decided to a new keyword, like ‘suspension’, but they knew that adding it to all of their lists was more effort than it would return in added revenue, because it would have to be done manually. With our approach, this decision is very different - you can easily add new keywords which are automatically cross-combined with all of your existing lists. With Segmatic, the boost in revenue you get from adding that keyword far outweighs the effort it takes to add it. These are fine margins, and they give you millions of little wins that add up to big increases in acquisitions and, ultimately, profits.

ClickMechanic was able to put their strategy into action and build the account they know is best for their business, without compromising.

Ultimately, we didn’t build “an account” for ClickMechanic, we used our account structure to build lists and a logic for how they’re applied. With Segmatic, best practice account structure is baked in. It’s uniform, scalable and made up of thousands of individual campaign units that can be examined and tweaked individually. This happens in the background, so you don't have to be an expert in building paid search accounts, you just have to be an expert in your product.

That’s how we got a 600% increase in return on investment in under three weeks!

Clue-based search term analysis

We work with clients to build list of products, features, locations and more, and once these lists are built we can focus our energy on thinking strategically about the campaign, and the optimal logic for combining the terms in our lists and serving up ads that reflect what the user is searching for.

Many thanks to ClickMechanic for allowing us to use their account as a case study – and for being such outstanding clients!