We’re Hiring

Three years ago, Segmatic was two people sitting at a dinner table. Today, we’re a team of 51 sitting at actual desks in three countries. We’re building a team of exceptional, creative, analytical people who are focused on performance and eager to learn. Come join growing offices in Dublin, Austin and Kiev and help us to deliver exceptional results for our clients. You’ll join colleagues from a range of backgrounds and perspectives — from IT and engineering to marketing, psychology and history. We work hard, challenge each other, and together we achieve great things. At Segmatic we believe in paying excellent people well, in supporting them to learn and advance, and we reward performance.

We’re growing quickly and breaking new ground, which means lots of opportunities to lead on new projects and advance in the company.

Why work in paid search?

We want our team to do their best work at Segmatic, to challenge themselves, learn and grow in their roles. So we invest in our staff. You will learn directly from founders who spend a lot of their time sharing skills and experience with the team.

We see paid search as a microcosm of e-commerce. If you’re doing it right, it touches on every aspect of your business. Working at Segmatic, you will get experience of client relations and business development, performance marketing, proposition, business marketing, investment principles, general business strategy and more.

At the highest end of paid search, you will work on things like natural language processing, predictive modelling and machine learning.

Eight reasons to work for Segmatic

  1. We’re always learning

    We’ve built a learning culture. We invest in the team’s learning and development. Our grads spend six months learning before we put them to work on projects, and our founders are committed to training and mentoring the whole team.
  2. We have unique clients

    We work with companies in a wide range of industries, and we make sure that everyone on the team gets exposure to different types of clients. You will work with multiple clients at a time, and graduate to bigger and more challenging clients as your skill set grows.
  3. We’re growing

    Segmatic has been growing rapidly since day one. As we expand, there are exciting opportunities to lead new clients and break ground on entirely new areas of work. And to progress in the organisation.
  4. We pay well

    We pay our staff considerably more than other agencies, because they are exceptional. And we do regular performance-based pay reviews.
  5. We’re a diverse team

    Our team comes from all over the world, with backgrounds in history, philosophy, psychology, business, economics, IT, marketing, and engineering.
  6. We’re analytical

    Analysis is the primary skill of everyone in the business. We’re all Excel nerds, plus some SQL nerds who look down on the Excel nerds.
  7. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about e-commerce

    We take a holistic approach to paid search. Our team get to tackle a wide variety of business problems well beyond traditional paid search work.
  8. We’re happy

    Outside of work, we have a staff book club, regular social events and everyone gets free membership of a gym near our city centre offices.


We have six divisions at Segmatic - Performance Marketing, Methodology Development, Product Development, Business Intelligence, Sales, and Head Office.

The Performance Marketing team is the heart of the business. They run paid search advertising for our clients, improving keywords and ad copy to optimise their paid search campaigns. A lot of their work is making sure that we’re spending the right amount of money in the right places. This is our biggest team, bringing together technical, analytical and business skills to successfully manage millions in ad spend.

If Performance Management is the heart of Segmatic, the Methodology Development team is the head. Their job is to predict what will happen tomorrow so we can develop bidding strategies that are a step ahead of everyone else’s. They use advanced analytics and bidding models, predictive analytics, machine learning and big data. It’s all very impressive. We also bring this team in to work on other teams’ more complicated problems, like how to automate Google Shopping campaigns.

Our Product Development team are based in Dublin and Kiev, working at the cutting edge of technology development for paid search marketing. Their job is to develop and optimise the automated software platform that we use to manage massive, complex paid search campaigns with an obsessive level of control and attention to detail. They have created a powerful platform that gives us a massive competitive advantage because it automates all of the boring repetitive work of paid search advertising. This frees up the performance marketing team to do what they do best - use their analytical and business talents to improve paid search strategy for our clients.

Business Intelligence run reporting for the rest of the business. They manage billions of rows of data - collecting it, analysing it and presenting it to the other teams in a way that lets them use it to make informed decisions. This means bringing together data from a disparate range of clients and platforms and merging them together into something coherent, accurate and usable. The Sales team drives new business. They use advanced lead generation techniques to engage potential clients, work on pitching strategy and close deals with new clients.

The Head Office team make sure we’re running smoothly as a company and that we are fully compliant across nine tax regimes, four VAT regimes and three currencies.


  • Free membership of a city centre gym
  • A nice work phone, and we pay your bill
  • Team book club
  • Social nights and events