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Segmatic gives you the search term data you need, when you need it.

The search term data you need

Google presents search term reports as a long list that’s hard to read and interpret. These reports contain useful information, but because of the way they’re presented it’s impossible to use them to make quick, informed decisions. Speed is key here, and you don’t want to spend so long wrestling with your data that you miss opportunities.

Segmatic automatically reaggregates these lists to cut through the noise and bring you useful, actionable information. We run a word frequency analysis that tells us the number of clicks and impressions for each of the keywords within our search terms in a given period. We cluster search terms together with their close variants, misspellings, singulars and plurals. This reflects the way people actually search.

The reaggregation gives us a new report that’s far more useful to us than a list of search terms. You can scan the report, quickly see patterns and take advantage of opportunities.

Identify trends and take action

A new term in your search term data tells you that someone has typed in this term, but it can also give you deeper insights into search behaviour, and a clue about search terms that will appear in the future. How do we identify these clues, and how should we respond to them?

Segmatic makes it possible to implement a clue-based, proactive approach to search term analysis. It scours your search term data for terms that suggest broader trends, which you can use to make projections and take action today on words that will appear in the future.

Imagine a shirt seller sees the term ‘Manchester United shirt’ in their search term data. This is a type of shirt they don’t sell. One option is to negative out ‘Manchester United’ and move on. In a few weeks they see ‘Arsenal shirts’ and negative out ‘Arsenal’, and so on. The Segmatic approach is to see ‘Manchester United shirt’ as a clue, and to negative out the names of all football teams.

Segmatic comes loaded with a list of all of the world’s professional football teams, most of the other sports teams and many other lists of people, places and things. With segmatic you can easily negative out all of the teams or towns or colours with one click.

Search term analysis that pays off

Too often, advertisers miss opportunities because the time and energy it takes to convert search term data into action is greater than the return. Segmatic makes it so easy to work with search term data that you’ll never miss another opportunity.

Segmatic’s search term analyser is fully integrated into the account builder. They are two parts of the same system, working together seamlessly to take you from data to insight to decision and implementation in a few clicks.

Without Segmatic, going back and adding a new keyword across all of your campaigns is a pain - the campaigns are built, and it takes time and effort to go into each one and make a change. In Segmatic, we do this without leaving the search term analyser, and the account builder automatically builds out all our ad groups and generates new ad copy. All this takes three clicks, and it’s just as easy to remove or amend an existing keyword.

Segmatic brings new levels of integration and ease of use to search term analysis, unlocking its real potential. With Segmatic, all the little boosts you get from tweaking your campaigns in response to search terms add up to big gains for your company.

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