Anything you can do in Google Ads, now you can do it in Google Shopping too.

Auction-winning account structure

Google Shopping doesn’t let you use positive keywords to enter different bids on different search terms. If your profit margin is higher on one of your products, you can’t enter higher bids on search terms associated with that product.

Segmatic is the only platform that lets you enter individual bids on individual search terms in Google Shopping. We use negative matching on individual ad groups using a unique tiered account structure that’s fully integrated into Segmatic.

Segmatic lets you win the auction consistently with the minimum investment. Segmatic clients dominate their field in Google Shopping, because they are up against competitors with less advanced account structures who can’t bid in individual products. Our account structure directs people to the products they want, which boosts click-through rate and quality score.

Perfect accounts with automated building

No matter how good your Google Shopping strategy is, it’s going to be painful to implement it using Google Ads Editor. It works fine for creating search campaigns at scale, but it’s not a powerful tool for building and maintaining Google Shopping campaigns.

Segmatic offers full Google Ads API integration for Shopping. We’ve designed a system that overcomes Google Shopping’s limitations, and integrated that system into Segmatic. We build Google Shopping accounts in Segmatic with the touch of a button, exactly as we would any other account. The hard work of building Shopping accounts at scale happens under the surface, so Segmatic clients can take a step back and focus on strategy.

Manage promotions

Ad extensions are trickier to manage in Google Shopping than in search, so advertisers tend to keep things as simple as possible. In doing this, they miss out on the boost that extensions can deliver in click-through and conversion rates.

Segmatic lets us activate your ad extensions in Google Shopping with a single click, and it makes promotions easy. We can even turn them on and off with one click, or schedule them in advance.

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