Automated reporting that gives you the insights you need to make informed decisions.

Automated daily reporting

Segmatic automates reporting so it’s done and sitting in your inbox when you arrive at work every morning. And automation means no more mistakes.

Reporting takes time, and it’s complicated enough that mistakes are common. What’s worse, it takes time at the start of the day when you should be spending your energy on more important things.

Deep dive data you can use

Segmatic gives you custom deep-dive reports with pre-built pivot tables delivered to your inbox every day. Top line information is in the email, and Excel attachments so you can re-work the tables any way you want.

To make good decisions, you need to draw data from a wide range of sources, and it takes time and effort to collect that data and present it in a format that’s easy to analyse and draw conclusions from. Segmatic gives you that.

Know what your competitors are doing

AdWords is a goldmine of useful information about your competitors, if you know how to extract it and use it well. But Google doesn’t make it easy to extract insights and track trends over time to see how your competitors’ behaviour is changing.

Segmatic takes feedback directly from the auction to tell you what your competitors are doing on a daily basis. We track competitor behaviour over time to show you trends that would usually go unnoticed, like whether they’re bidding more aggressively on your brand terms at the weekends. And we make it easy to take action on these insights.

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