When Google falls short, Segmatic gives you the functionality and nuance you need

Make remarketing work for search

Remarketing for search is easy, but doing it at scale is both hard and slow. So hard that Google offers to do it for advertisers.

Segmatic implements your remarketing strategy across all of your campaigns with just a few clicks. It’s easy to enter different bids for people who have visited your site, or to present unique ads to them based on their history of browsing on your site.

Emergency Pause

When you need to shut down your campaigns, you can’t just go into AdWords and pause everything. You have to pause individual campaigns, and then remember which ones you paused when it’s time to reactivate them.

Segmatic has big red button that pauses all currently live campaigns. It also has a big green button that restarts all of the campaigns you paused when you pressed the red button.

Track & analyse your quality score

Google doesn’t let you track your quality score over time, it only shows you your current quality score for each keyword. This makes it hard to get a real sense of how campaigns are performing.

Segmatic tracks your historical quality score and runs reports that show how it has changed over time. You’ll be able to see immediately If your quality score changes, so you can investigate the cause of the change. Segmatic reports tell you which keywords are performing well and which are not so good, so you can focus your time and attention on the keywords that need it.

Segmatic presents, at a glance, the data you need to decide which campaigns should be on or off search partners. This aggregate data is everything you need to make a quick decision, looking at the data at an aggregate level. You can also dive deeper into the data on campaigns where you need more information to make a decision on search partners.

Optimise your close variants

Google’s close variant analysis can be a powerful tool to multiply the reach of your campaigns, but when it’s wrong it can be very, very wrong, and it can cost you a lot of money.

Segmatic lets you analyse your close variants at scale, so you can see how variants are performing. You can see which variants are working for you and which are dragging down your campaign performance. Armed with this information, it’s easy to make informed decisions - bid differently on different variants, or to create different ad copy for them.

Manage your budgets intelligently

Budget management is crucial, but if you have lots of campaigns it can be a nightmare to manage different types of budgets within AdWords. And the functionality that Google offers for this is limited to setting campaign-level budgets and shared campaigns budgets.

Segmatic recognises that there’s a lot more to budgets than just setting caps, and it lets you take a more sophisticated approach to protecting your budget. It’s easy to set caps with Segmatic, and it’s also easy to effectively manage risk and protect against the effects of changes in the external environment. Limit the budget scope of broad match keywords compared to exact match, or use Segmatic’s rule-based analysis of historical data to protect against price spikes caused by external factors.

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