Dublin   Business Development Executive

What’s Segmatic all about?

Segmatic is a performance marketing agency and technology platform, established in 2014, that brings the highest level of analytical rigour to deliver market-winning paid search for our clients. We do this by building our team of committed, creative, analytical people who are focused on continuously driving performance and eager to keep on learning.

Diversity is critical to our approach and success. You’ll join colleagues in our city-centre Dublin office who come from a range perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds. Before working here, our people have developed themselves in a range of fields—from IT and engineering, to marketing, psychology and history. Together we achieve great things; because we bring challenge, respect, and enthusiasm for exploring ideas and problems to our work every day.

We believe challenging and rewarding jobs are exciting jobs. The on-going development of everyone in our team is at the heart of how we work: we recognise your continued development and energetic performance by reviewing everyone’s salary every six months.

Segmatic delivers results, plain and simple. In fact, this is so core to who we are, we bill our clients based on our performance for them. This commitment has proven to make our growing group of clients, including T.M. Lewin, Betfair, Volusion, and the Photobox Group, very happy.

You can find out more about what it’s like to work in Segmatic on our careers page.

What does this role and team involve?

We are looking for someone to join our business development team as soon as possible, preferably in January 2019.

This is a fast-paced, creative, and flexible role at the core of our business. You will be executing our business development strategy, working in close collaboration with our head of business development and sales, and Segmatic’s directors. The successful candidate will bring energy, commitment, and a collaborative, exploratory mindset to their work. In implementing our strategy, you will seek to continuously test and improve the most effective ways for Segmatic to communicate its value to potential customers.

The business development pillar in Segmatic is responsible for developing and delivering our strategy to grow the business through acquiring new clients for our managed and self-service businesses. We engage enterprise-class and entrepreneurial organisations across industries and across the globe to understand their needs, strategies, and challenges to determine how Segmatic can best help them.

This position would be ideal for a hard-working and ambitious person. You will have the freedom to put your stamp on the business development strategy of a fast-growing company, and the opportunity to learn how it works and how to put it into practice.

What are the responsibilities of a business development executive at Segmatic?

This role will change from day-to-day and evolve in line with the development of your skills and the business’ requirements, while focusing around these four areas:

Lead development | Identifying, generating, and qualifying outbound and inbound leads, through marketing campaigns and conversations with clients about their needs.

Market development | Researching and keeping up-to-date of product and market developments, and competitor practices.

Sales process management | Working with the head of business development and company directors, managing people through the sales process to close, assisting with the development of sales and pitch content and materials.

Sales analysis and operations | Managing the analysis, technology, and processes that contribute to and oversee our business development activity, campaigns, and success, including data mining, digital content and communication platforms, digital marketing, and sales tracking.

What skills and experience should I have in order to succeed in this role?

We would expect the successful candidate will have a balance of most of these qualities (and hopefully a few that we haven’t thought of):

Business experience | Experience working in a business or commercial environment; preferably in a client-facing role or environment, although that is not a requirement.

Strong communicator | Excellent oral communication ability, including listening, questioning, and communicating with people of different levels of seniority, and roles within a business. Skilled written communicator across writing, editing, and proofing.

Collaborative | Adaptable and team-oriented, comfortable with having personal and collective responsibility and accountability. Able to drive results group and individual results working as a part of a team. Comfortable working with competing perspectives and priorities from other individuals, including senior people. Capable of managing up, and bringing and receiving challenge in a professional and constructive way.

Attitude | Brings energy, commitment, enthusiasm, and focus to the work, with a desire to deliver great results.

Curious and analytical | Brings an imaginative, creative approach to generating ideas and hypotheses. Thorough and detail-oriented in research and analysis. Comfortable with analysing and finding insights from numbers and large data sets.

Always learning | Brings self-awareness and an aptitude to learn and change quickly from successes and mistakes, seeking out feedback and taking it onboard.

Self-directed | Adept at managing and planning your time and priorities, setting goals for yourself, scoping work, and providing detailed delivery plans for your team. Comfortable managing competing priorities.

Comfortable with technology | Skilled in using Microsoft Office, specifically Excel, PowerPoint, and Word (and Google equivalents). Comfortable developing skills quickly to use various digital and business tools and software.

How do I apply?

Apply by sending your CV to recruitment@segmatic.io with the subject line ‘Business development executive | YOUR NAME’. Applications will be processed as they are received.

This position will have a permanent contract. The salary is very competitive, commensurate with experience.

We are committed to diversity throughout our business, including in our hiring.