Segmatic Features

Save time and dramatically improve performance with an all-in-one approach.

Account Builder

Segmatic makes it simple to build, manage and scale perfectly constructed accounts.

Accounts that are easy to build and grow

Segmatic makes it simple to build, manage, tweak and grow accounts. Build the logic once and never revisit it. Add keywords, add lists or scale your account from ten keywords to ten thousand, and your logic stays the same.

Best practice built in

We all want granular account structure, but limits of time and technology force advertisers to compromise on best practice to keep things simple and manageable. With Segmatic, best practice is coded in, so you never have to compromise.

Perfect accounts with automated building

Segmatic automates the manual work of building campaigns, eliminating implementation mistakes. Following the same process every time means steps are never skipped, and you never have to worry about making mistakes.

Unlock the power of structural negatives

Simple-to-use structural negatives keep campaigns separate and trigger BMM ahead of exact match every time. The negative hierarchy shows the optimal ad every time, and we even have a low search volume tool.

Master misspellings

The world’s most powerful negative system analyses search term reports and uses predictive logic to see misspellings coming. Through natural language processing, we identify common mistakes to anticipate typos before they happen.

Granular accounts at giant scale

Every lookup list you will ever need is built in. And if you need a list that’s not included we'll create it for you. These lists, intelligently employed, are the key to running granular, localised campaigns at enormous scale.

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Ad Copy

Segmatic is the world’s most advanced ad copy generation tool.

Customised, smart ads at giant scale

CTR goes through the roof when you pack keywords into ad copy. Segmatic does this at scale, with unique ads that reflect the search term while staying within character limits. If you have 10,000 keywords, we’ll make you 10,000 unique ads.

Trigger the optimal ad every time

You tell Segmatic the logic you want to apply to ad copy, and what to do when the character limit has been hit. Segmatic will show the right ad to the right person every time, at enormous scale.

Better testing, better ads

Segmatic takes the complication and effort out of running ad copy tests, and analyses results using statistical confidence so you can make better decisions. It even alerts you when your test is completed.

Integrate with every tracking system

Segmatic integrates seamlessly with any internal or external tracking system. Our advanced account-wide tracking logic sets up your tracking once, so you never have to worry about it again.

Schedule ads effortlessly

Turn whole sets of ads on or off with one click, and schedule ads or ad groups to go live or stop at a future time, so you can think strategically about ad management. Segmatic makes it easy to put your plan into action.

Ad customisers made simple

Segmatic harnesses the power of ad customisers, using scripts to dynamically include all available options in your ads. We make it simple to add and remove features from individual ads or ad groups.

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Search Term Analyser

Intelligent bidding that combines automation and human insight.

Automated daily reporting

Segmatic automates reporting so it’s done and sitting in your inbox when you start work every morning. Automation means no more mistakes.

Deep dive data you can use

Segmatic reaggregates search term data and presents it in a usable format. Word frequency analysis shows you how often keywords appear, and we cluster terms with misspellings and close variants to give you real click and impression figures.

Know what your competitors are doing

AdWords is a goldmine of information about your competitors, if you know how to extract it and use it. Segmatic takes daily feedback direct from the auction on what your competitors are doing, tracked over time to identify trends.

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Automated reporting that gives you the insights you need to make informed decisions.

Search Term Analyser

Smart, automated bidding that implements your strategy so you can think about the big picture.

The search term data you need

Segmatic gives you custom deep-dive reports with pre-built pivot tables delivered to your inbox every day. You get top line information in the email, and Excel attachments you can re-work any way you want.

Identify trends and take action

A search term analyser that’s fully integrated into the account builder. Segmatic sees a new keyword in your search term data and, with three clicks, can automatically build out new ad groups and ad copy.

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Smart, automated bidding that implements your strategy so you can think about the big picture.

Bidding learns from account structure

Segmatic’s bidding system is fully integrated into the account builder, so it can make bidding decisions using insights from your accounts. You’ll never have to add tags to similar keywords, the account structure does that for you.

AdWords Pixel Integration

The Google AdWords Pixel has become the best tracking solution on the market, so Segmatic integrates fully with it.

Automation with human insight

Automated bidding is key to working at scale, but it doesn’t know when Easter falls or what teams are in the World Cup Final. Our bidding system makes it simple to layer qualitative human insight on top of the algorithm.

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Mini Optimisers

When Google falls short, Segmatic gives you the functionality and nuance you need.

Make remarketing work for search

Segmatic makes remarketing simple. You can enter a different bid in the same ad group, or show a unique ad to a particular group. And it’s simple to scale - you can calculate the uplift for remarketing and apply it across all campaigns with a few clicks.

Emergency pause

A big red button pauses all live campaigns. A big green button restarts the campaigns you paused with the red button. If your site goes down you want to stop wasting money driving traffic to it. Segmatic can do that with one click.

Track & analyse your quality score

Segmatic runs quality score reports that show when your score changes and why. Our quality score tracker flags problem keywords so you can focus your attention on the ones that need it.

Get the most out of Search Partners

We provide campaign-level analysis of how your search partner advertising is performing, so you can optimise these campaigns. On an aggregate level, see how individual campaigns are performing and turn them on or off as needed.

Optimise close variants

Google’s close variant analysis can be helpful, or it can be just wrong and cost you money. Segmatic analyses close variants at scale so you can see how they’re performing and adjust your bidding, or create custom ad copy for variants.

Manage your budgets intelligently

Segmatic automatically bids to maximise ROI while staying under budget. That’s the easy part. It also uses rule-based analysis of past data to protect against price spikes, and lets you place budget limits on different match types.

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Anything you can do in AdWords, now you can do it in Google Shopping too.

Auction-winning account structure

Segmatic’s unique account structure lets you do something your competitors can’t - enter individual bids on different search terms in Google Shopping. This delivers huge gains in click-through and conversion rates.

Perfect accounts with automated building

Automated account building makes it easy to build and scale a Google Shopping campaign, just like an Ads campaign. Segmatic clients spend less time on the account build and more time on strategy.

Manage promotions

Segmatic makes it easy to schedule promotions. Simply turn them on and off with one click.

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