Intelligent bidding that combines automation and human insight.

Bidding learns from account structure

Automated bidding is great for working at scale, but it struggles because it doesn’t leverage the sort of insights that can’t be automated - things that only a human can see. Humans understand that ‘white double cuff shirt’ and ‘ivory double cuff shirt’ are similar, and they can make bidding decisions that reflect that similarity.

Segmatic’s bidding system works because it’s integrated into our account structure, and it can draw insights from that account structure and factor them into bidding calculations. When we build an account, we put ‘white double cuff shirt’ and ‘ivory double cuff shirt’ into the same list, and we set them up so that they lead to same landing page.

Our bidding system uses this insight to calculate bids. So you get the the power and scaleability of automated bidding with human insights that you’ve built into the account structure. You can use distinctions you created when you built the account - between types of shirt cuff, or between rural and urban place names, to analyse your data and bid more effectively.

AdWords Pixel Integration

Lots of platforms force you to use integrated custom tracking solutions that are time-consuming and expensive.

Google’s AdWords Pixel has evolved into the best bidding platform on the market, far better than some of its more expensive competitors. So Segmatic integrates seamlessly with the AdWords pixel.

Automation with human insight

Complete bidding automation is a myth. No matter how sophisticated your bidding system is, it will need some human input to tell it about changes in the external environment. To scale, you need to use automation, but for accuracy you need human insight, and it can be hard to merge the two.

Segmatic allows you to layer human insight on top qualitative information. The bidding system works out the relative difference between keywords, for example between ‘online flower delivery’ and ‘flower delivery’. Segmatic lets you quickly and easily add the fact that Valentine’s Day is coming up, so flower sales are going to spike.

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