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Segmatic is the world’s most advanced ad copy generating tool.

Create customised, intelligent ads at scale

When your ad copy reflects the search term, you get a click-through rate boost of up to 50%. The more keywords you can pack into the ad copy, the better your ads will perform. This seems simple to execute, but it’s devilishly hard to do it at scale. Segmatic gets you that 50% boost without breaking a sweat.

Segmatic is an integrated platform that creates ads by drawing on information from the account builder. It knows which keyword an ad group is linked to, and it intelligently and dynamically packs that keyword, or set of keywords, into the ad copy. With Segmatic, once your account structure is in place the platform will build out multiple ads for every keyword. If you’re live on ten thousand keywords, you will have a minimum of ten thousand different ads, and all of them will seem to the searcher as if they were custom written in response to their search.

Trigger the optimal ad every time

For every additional character you can add to ad copy, your click-through rate will increase. Most advertisers don’t know this, and those that do know it struggle to maximise characters while staying within Google’s limits. It’s a tricky, labour intensive thing to achieve at scale.

Segmatic solves this problem by letting you set and apply ad copy logic across ad groups. You tell the platform your preferred ad copy structure, your second, third and fourth favourite, as many preferences as you need. Segmatic uses this logic to display the ad that most closely matches your preferences while making the best use of Google’s character limits. Most advertisers use 85% of the available characters, Segmatic will bring your average close to 99%.

Better testing, better ads

Good testing is crucial for the success of a campaign, but setting up and managing tests is hard. Anyone who has ever run tests on a paid search campaign knows that it should be a simpler process. It can also be hard to keep track of the tests you’re running - when they start and end, and which campaigns are in which test.

Segmatic makes this unbelievably simple. With five clicks, we can tell Google that we want to test one set of ad copy logic against another, when the test should start and stop and what campaigns it should include. Segmatic gathers all of your past, current and scheduled tests in one place. Best of all, it then produces thorough, easy to read reports that give you the insights you need to make good decisions.

Integrate with every tracking system

Tracking is complicated. It takes a long time to set up across your accounts and get it functioning the way you want it to. Most people get their tracking up and running and then try not to think about it again. It’s painful and fiddly to review it and see if it’s still fit for purpose, and you know that if you find something that’s not working, it’ll be complicated to fix it.

With Segmatic, you set up your tracking logic once, and with a few clicks apply it across all your accounts. This feature alone will save you hours in Excel, maybe even days. As your accounts scale, Segmatic makes it easy to scale your tracking, and if you need to tweak something we can easily apply changes across all of your accounts.

Schedule ads effortlessly

Sometimes your advertising will be dictated by external events, like holidays and sporting events, and usually this means that you or someone you work with will have to go online on New Year’s Eve, or during the World Cup final, to activate or deactivate campaigns. This is both annoying and easy to fix.

Segmatic lets you schedule changes to take effect at a predetermined time in the future, so you don’t have to log in to your Google Ads account the moment changes need to take effect. This means you can plan ahead and think more strategically about when changes will happen, and do the work when it suits you, not when the changes need to happen.

Ad customisers made simple

You want to run ads that are tailored to a particular location. If someone is searching for a car mechanic in Birmingham, you want to show them an ad with ‘Birmingham’ in the headline. And you want this to happen even if ‘Birmingham’ didn’t appear in their search term. This is a powerful way to boost click-through and conversion rates, but how do you do this for hundreds or thousands of unique locations?

Segmatic includes all of the enormous lookup lists you could need, saving you the time and hassle of compiling your own lists. We have, for example, a list of 1400 commonly searched-for locations in the UK. If you need a list that’s not included in Segmatic, we will create it for you. Segmatic uses the lists intelligently - it knows to put ‘Mechanics in Birmingham’ in the headline, but not ‘Mechanics in EC2M B21’, and it knows to shorten ‘Rio de Janeiro’ to ‘Rio’, not ‘Rio de’.

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