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Segmatic makes it simple to build, manage and scale perfectly constructed accounts of any size.

Accounts that are easy to build and grow

Before Segmatic, accounts took too long to build. You want to spend more time building logic and thinking about strategy and less time building accounts. Accounts take too long to build, and once they’re built it’s complicated and time consuming to scale them up or to make changes to them.

With Segmatic, you can build an account with thousands of keywords in ten minutes. Even better, you build your account logic once and never touch it again. You can tweak and expand the account purely by editing your lists.

If you start selling a new product, or start selling all of your products in a new colour, you simply add the new keywords to the relevant lists and Segmatic will implement the change across all of your campaigns. Segmatic will even create optimised ad copy describing your new product. Scaling up is just as simple. You can scale a campaign from ten keywords to ten thousand by simply building out your lists. Segmatic takes care of the account logic.

Best practice built in

You want to implement best practice account structure across all of your campaigns, but for most advertisers the limits of time and technology mean you end up with simpler accounts, not better ones.

Segmatic eliminates this tradeoff by coding best practice into the platform. So it’s quick and easy to implement complex, granular campaigns at scale. In an hour, you can build an account in Segmatic that would have taken days in Excel.

With Segmatic, your accounts are perfectly constructed every time. We automatically separate exact match and broad match, as well as single word ad groups. Even if you don’t know you’re supposed to be doing these things, Segmatic will do them for you by default. So you can spend more time thinking about strategy and less time wrestling with Excel.

Perfect accounts with automated building

The process of building accounts is messy and complicated. Working across Excel and Google Ads Editor, manually going through multiple steps and iterations, it’s inevitable that some mistakes will be made.

With Segmatic, this process is completely automated, so we eliminate mistakes. Unless you spill something on your keyboard, our code will do the same thing every time, never missing a step.

Segmatic works directly with the Google API, so no more going back and forward between Excel and Google Ads Editor to tweak and test, and none of the mistakes that happen as a result.

Unlock the power of structural negatives

A lot of advertisers don’t know how powerful structural negatives can be. Or they do know but they find them tricky to implement at scale, hard to manage or hard to keep updated.

Segmatic makes it simple to use structural negatives to keep accounts neatly divided into isolated units. We let you observe, analyse and tweak these individual units in isolation, so each unit learns and evolves.

It’s simple to keep brand, non-brand and competitor campaigns separate, and to make sure that broad match modified is triggered in preference to exact match. We also make it easy to employ the negative hierarchy. This lets you set your preferences for what ad appears in what circumstances, and makes sure that your preferred ad appears every time. Segmatic even includes a low search volume tool that automatically scans your search term data and creates exceptions.

This means it’s easy to make sure the right ad is triggered by the right keyword, every time.

Master misspellings

One of the biggest frustrations that advertisers face are misspellings. Google’s negatives system doesn’t help you to automate misspellings, so it’s hard to deal with them comprehensively.

Segmatic offers users the most powerful negative system ever developed. It analyses the most common misspellings from search term reports across all your accounts and uses an advanced predictive model to identify what the most common misspellings will be in the future. You can then apply these to all accounts within Google's keyword limits.

Segmatic’s negative system is predictive - it uses natural language processing to identify the most common mistakes people make when they type, so you can anticipate typos before they happen.

Granular accounts at giant scale

You don’t need the hassle of building a list of every place name in the UK or every make and model of electric toothbrush. But if you’re selling toothbrushes in the UK, these lists are the building blocks that make up your accounts.

Segmatic has already made all of the lookup lists we think you, or anyone, could need to build paid search accounts, and they integrate seamlessly into our account builder. If there’s a list that you need and it’s not included in Segmatic, we’ll create it for you and build it into the platform.

These lists, and the intelligent way that Segmatic employs them, give you the power to run granular, localised campaigns at enormous scale.

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