The Segmatic Story

Segmatic makes it simple to build, manage and scale perfectly constructed accounts of any size.

Search Made Simple

Segmatic is a strategic, scientific search marketing platform that we use to optimise the profitability of your online advertising. Our comprehensive, intelligent platform will transform your paid search performance, using our unique approach to turn clicks into conversions and maximise your return on investment.

We get results

Most of our clients double their ROI within three months. Other agencies have flashy portfolios and presentations. We get results, plain and simple.

We save you time

Segmatic automates the drudgery of paid search so we can all focus our time and energy on strategy, not implementation.

We are global

We are a global company, running campaigns in all regions of the world. We work with clients in 8 languages and over 45 countries. We know what works in your region, and what will work for you in new markets.

Full transparency

We improve performance by collecting data that provide actionable insights. Our clients have full access to their own data, giving them full involvement in the process.

Our Team

The Segmatic offices are located in Ireland, the USA, and Ukraine. We are a team of dedicated paid search experts, data scientists and developers with backgrounds in statistics, linguistics, economics, psychology, business, marketing and even political science. Our cross-disciplinary approach produces the perfect balance of creativity and critical thinking, and delivers exceptional results for our clients.

Frustrated with tools that promise the world but don't deliver? Worried about your team missing monthly targets?

We’ve been there. Our team has managed in-house online marketing departments, and we bring that perspective to our work. We understand what’s important to you and we stand over our promises. If we say something is achievable, it's because we know that it is. And our pricing structure means that we only get paid when we deliver for you.

Smart Companies
Choose Segmatic

At Segmatic, we recognise that there is no such thing as one size fits all. We work with businesses of all industries and sizes. Whether you want a user-friendly platform to allow your in-house marketing team to easily optimise your paid search, or you want to outsource all paid search activities to a dedicated team, Segmatic has a solution for you.




Managed Service


Our History

Dave Walker and Bart Storan founded Segmatic in 2014. Both previously worked as in-house marketers - Dave was Head of Conversion and Bidding for an international gaming company and Bart was Product Manager for an online payments company. Sharing frustrations with traditional approaches to paid search, Dave and Bart set out to build the tech platform they wish they had when they were working in-house.

What began as a Performance Marketing Agency managing Paid Search advertising for a range of clients, has entered a new phase with the development of the Segmatic Platform, the automated software platform we use to manage massive, complex paid search campaigns with an obsessive level of control and attention to detail, all of which frees us up to spend our time thinking about strategy.

We will be making the Segmatic Platform available for the world’s marketers in 2019.

Our Values

Performance is Everything


Our primary focus is on performance, within and beyond paid search. As we optimise your paid search campaigns, we're also driving your company’s long-term profits.


We spend your money as though it's our money, and our clients have full access to their data.


We are open and honest with all of our clients. Paid search is not the right option for every company, and if we think your business would get better returns from another avenue, we’ll tell you that.


Segmatic automates the detailed work of paid search so you can spend our time and energy focusing on strategy and execution.

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